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Service Solutions for IT

Our Mission:

To provide superior IT services to our clients by making recycling and IT updating process simple, straightforward, speedy, and smooth allowing our clients to focus on what they do best; leave the information technology services to us.

Benefits of our Program:

  • Regulatory Compliance with R2 and e-Stewards

  • Advanced Remarket Practices - Guaranteeing the Most Competitive Cost Structure

  • Sensitive Information Surety with Advanced Data Destruction Capabilities

  • Detailed Inventory Reporting Available to Meet Your Organization Requirements

  • Zero-Electronic Waste-to-Landfill Practices

  • Fully Customizable Programs to Ensure You Get Exactly What You Need

  • We Come to You – Anywhere in the USA

Our Services

Our Services



Utilization of the latest technology to sanitize your sensitive data to ensure no loss or compromise. On site media shredding available. *DOD and HIPAA Compliant

IT Inventory Disposal Consulting

Strategic Consulting to develop an action plan for removal and disposal for you end of life IT assets.  The strategy will take into consideration current value of used equipment at time of removal ensuring a you get the most for assets.


Removal of equipment that has reached it’s performance lifespan within your organization. Reusable equipment will be remarketed and unusable equipment will be recycled. 

Internal Policy Assistance

Assistance in the creation and guidelines regarding secure data destruction. Detailed policies and programs will be developed with you to meet every aspect of End of Life removal and destruction needs. 

IT Installation Project Management

Need help swapping out and and updating your IT Equipment? Allow us to oversee the project management and implementation of IT refresh projects including installation of new equipment. 

Community Outreach & Recycling Events

Promote your GREEN initiatives by sponsoring a technology collection event for your local community and employees! We will set up and manage the collection.

SS4 was developed and created by a team of IT professionals that have worked with the IT business and in Hampton Roads for more than 25 years. This experience at all levels of providing IT related equipment, from sales, service, distribution, and recycling efforts, lends to a solid background in providing removal services for our customer. Removal services, better known as “end-of-life” for equipment that has reached it's performance lifespan, is performed efficiently on a daily basis.

Our customers span all across the Virginia and we have capabilities to provide these services all across the United States. One of our offerings is secure data destruction provided by the ability to shred our customer’s media (hard drives, opticals, tapes, usb devices, sim cards, etc.) onsite with our company owned shredder. This service is the most effective and “peace of mind” guarantee that your companies data will not be compromised to any external parties. But if you still think the data is recoverable after having been shreded and you can prove it, we will give you your money back!

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About Us

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